Terms & Conditions of the IBA Regional Hackathon

The purpose of these detailed Terms and Conditions (hereby «Terms») is to define the terms and conditions of participation in the IBA Regional Hackathon.

Participation in the Hackathon in any way presupposes and entails the explicit and unconditional acceptance of these detailed Terms.

‍1. General Provisions

1.1. The IBA Regional Hackathon is an innovation challenge that gathers programmers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts with different skill sets to work collaboratively on a  project in a two-day event.

1.2. The purpose and objectives of the Hackathon:

1.3. Organizers of the Hackathon

The International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA) is a universal bank applying most advanced technologies to provide a wide range of high quality services to its customers.

Address of the Hackathon Organizer: 67 Nizami str., Baku, Azerbaijan.

‍2. Timeline of the hackathon

2.1. Registration process.

2.1.1. Any person wishing to participate has to register online on the IBA Regional Hackathon website and fill out a registration form received by email. The registration deadline is February 25, 2020 midnight (Baku time).

2.1.2. Registrants must provide the following information: last name, first name, phone number, email, specialization, experience, professional credentials, online profile and other personal information in order to participate at the Hackathon. The application will not be considered complete and processed by the organizer unless all required fields are filled with relevant information by the applicant.

2.1.3. Each Candidate guarantees that the information entered during his application process is complete and accurate. Any false, incorrect or incomplete information will automatically result in the application being rejected.

2.1.4. Within the next 2 days after applying, Applicants will receive either an approval or a decline for his application from the Organizers.

2.1.5.  Approved applicants will be provided access to Hackathon information, files, materials and other content that is revealed by the Organizer prior to or during the Hackathon. The Organizer might organize a training event (online and/or offline) of which some or all participants will be expected to participate before the Hackathon.

2.2. Hackathon timing

2.2.1. Day 1 / February 29, 2020, Saturday – official opening, ideas presentation, Mentors’ session №1, Checkpoint №1, work time.

2.2.2. Day 2 / March 01, 2020, Sunday – Mentors’ session №2, Checkpoint №2, Project Pitching, Winners announcement.

‍2.2.3. The Organizer has the right to change and/or revise the agenda and timing of the Hackathon. The Organizer might also cancel the event anytime without giving any cause to participants.

3. Participation

3.1. Individuals can apply to participate in the Hackathon free of charge. 

3.2. Participation is allowed to natural persons, 

(I) who have completed 18 years of age and have full legal capacity,  

(II) who have technical skills, design skills, entrepreneurial skills or managers skills, and 

(III) who have their computer hardware in working order throughout the Hackathon.

3.3. Participants agree that the developments and/or content, as well as any other material or content submitted to the Organizers during the Hackathon, do not contain any inappropriate materials.

3.4. The Organizer reserves the right to reject an application at any time if the profile of the Participant does not comply with the Hackathon standards.

3.5. Those who have indicated participation in the Hackathon in a team will be expected to disclose the name of the team in the application form. The Bank will have the right to keep such applicants in the same team as submitted or change the team structures partially or wholly at its will and discretion. The final version of the teams will be disclosed either before or during the hackathon to participants.

4. The order of the Hackathon

4.1. Location of the Hackathon – Baku Expo Center, AZ1050, 515 H.Aliyev ave., Baku.

4.2. The Hackathon will take place in several stages as described below:

/ Stage 1: Forming stage. Participants will be placed in Teams and start to work the development of their projects along with Mentors.

/ Stage 2: Semi-final. Teams will be shortlisted.

/ Stage 3: The final. The shortlisted teams will pitch their projects in front of the Judges.

4.3. Stage 1: Forming stage. 

4.3.1. Applicants need to register individually. Those who wish to participate with his/her friends in the same team can indicate the name of the team in the application form. The Organizer keeps the right to continue with teams as they are indicated in the application forms or to change them at its will and discretion without giving any reason. 

Each team will ideally have from two (2) to five (5) Participants, to focus around a single project of developing a prototype. A Participant cannot be a part of more than one Team. 

4.3.2. Teams will be given time for ideation and development of their prototype.

4.3.2. Teams will be able to get professional expertise and advice from Mentors during the Hackathon.

4.4. Stage 2: Semi-final.

4.4.1. Based on the feedback from the mentors, the teams will be shortlisted for the next stage of the Hackathon.

4.5. Stage 3: The final.

4.5.1. Shortlisted projects will have the opportunity to continue working on their project to prepare for the final pitch.

4.5.2. Shortlisted teams will then pitch prototypes of their projects/solutions to the Judges. After presentations of the prototypes, Judges will evaluate projects and will have a vote. The evaluation and scoring method and rules will be disclosed by the Organizer before or during the Hackathon.

4.5.3. Judges will determine and announce the winners of the Hackathon. 

4.5.4. Judges’ decisions are final and cannot be challenged.‍‍

5. Awards

5.1. The Prizes of the Hackathon winners will be presented to them at the order of announcement and upon an appropriate notification on the procedure of their awarding.

5.2. The Prizes cannot be transferred to a third party. 

5.3. The Winner does not have the right to request financial or other exchange instead of the Prize.

5.4. The Prizes of the IBA Regional Hackathon winners by rating:

1st winning Team: 10 000 AZN 

2nd winning Team: 5 000 AZN 

3rd winning Team: 3 000 AZN 

5.5. The Hackathon winners and their products/services/apps will be announced on the Hackathon website and other media.

6. Code of conduct

During the Hackathon, participants are required to behave in an ethical manner. More specifically all participants agree to:

7. Exploitation rights and intellectual property

7.1. Exploitation and property rights to prototypes developed during the Hackathon are reserved for Participants and IBA. IBA will have the liberty to use, develop, revise, edit, deploy, launch, market, sell, partly or wholly, ideas, projects or prototypes that are suggested, developed, pitched during the Hackathon. For doing that, IBA will not be indemnified or held liable whatsoever by participants or any party that claims ownership or rights to that idea, project or prototype.

7.2. During the Hackathon, the Participants shall only use elements that are clear of any rights. Any third-party elements included in the prototype, including open-source software, must be identified with their version, the terms of the applicable license and any other details regarding their use. 

7.3. The prototypes shall not infringe on any intellectual property rights or images right.

8. Protection of personal data

8.1. Hackathon Participant allows Organizer processing of personal data provided at registration and/or subsequently at Hackathon.

8.2. The collection and processing of personal data relating to the Participant by the Organizer are primarily intended to ensure that the Hackathon will be properly completed and in particular to allow the Organizer to contact the winners and to award them Prizes in an efficient way and, if the case arises, to publish the list of the winners.

9. Dispute settlement

9.1. All Hackathon disputes will be resolved through negotiations between the Organizer and the Participant in accordance with applicable laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

10. Final provisions

10.1. By registering for participation in the Hackathon, the Participant agrees to these Terms and Conditions and agrees to abide by them. Failure to meet the Terms is a reason for the disqualification of the Participant.

10.2. The Organizers may make any changes and/or amendments to these Terms in accordance with applicable law.

10.3. These Terms, as well as amendments thereto, shall enter into force upon their posting on the Hackathon website.

10.4. The other procedures not established by these Terms that may occur during the Hackathon can be made in accordance with other local documents of the Organizer, or by taking prompt decisions during the Hackathon, taking into account the principles of expediency, fairness, and reasonableness.

10.5. The Organizers are not responsible for cases of force majeure, such as natural disasters, fire, flood, hostilities of any nature, blockades, significant changes in the law, other uncontrolled obstacles.

10.6. If any provision of these Terms is invalidated, all other provisions shall remain in force.

11. Contact information

The official website of the IBA Regional Hackathon: https://www.ibahackathon.com

E-mail: info@ibatech.az

Phone: +994 (12) 937